Monica Jeffries: vocalist, composer, co-producer of the same name, who combines elements of Synth-Pop & Synth-Rock.

She and her live musicians have performed live at festivals and clubs in Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Czech Republic, Austria, Sweden, Italy, Poland, Russia and UK.

It did not take very long for Monica Jeffries to build up a growing fan base and her music has been positively acclaimed by the critics and celebrated musicians from the underground electronic scene. Her self composed & produced Dark Synth-Rock songs have the power to both hypnotize & captivate the audience.

The artist with the inimitable voice has regularly demonstrated this at live shows & support tours with major artist colleagues like The Crüxshadows, Project Pitchfork, Front Line Assembly, DAF and at several Festivals like Nocturnal Culture Night 2014, Euro Rock 2015, Castle Party 2015, Autumn Moon Festival 2015, Downhill X Edition 2016, DarKsen 2016, Infest 2016, Live At Heart 2016, Bram Stroker International Film Festival 2016, Synthetic Snow Festival 2016, Autumn Moon Festival 2017, Wave Gotik Treffen 2018 and W-Festival 2018.